Saturday, 21 August 2010

Good Knight!

It's a shame when you want to tell a fairly good-looking set of people to cover up and go home. Knight and Day's (2010) Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz look too haggard and worn-out to be playing the cutesy, quirky characters they are supposed to be in the film.  

Of course I had no expectations of any intelligent dialogue or meaningful twists and turns from this venture. I would have been satisfied if it had managed to be a splash of Mission Impossible diluted with heavy doses of Charlie's Angels. What's worrying is that this one didn't manage to get even close to that already twisted concoction I was hoping for. 

The witty exchanges are less than enjoyable, the special effects are straight from the 80s, the chemistry is unbelievably forced and there is absolutely nothing in the film that makes you want to see more. The film is a bit like cold pizza in the morning...strangely comforting, but only because there's nothing else to consume.

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